About Us

About The Artist

Christophe Poly has a passion for finding beauty in everyday objects. He is fascinated by their volume, structure and shape. Over time he has elaborated an innovative style and technique that is unique and distinct to his work. His interest for travel, fashion, design and architecture contribute to his creativity. Each season the collections are perfected and new designs and categories are added to surprise his clientele. Christophe Poly is a long time member of the Québec Craft Council (CMAQ). His jewelry can be seen in many fine galleries, boutiques and museums across North America. 

The Concept Behind the Jewelry

Christophe poly jewelry is entirely hand made at his studio located in Montreal. The work  is based on an architectural concept using brass, aluminum, acrylic, rubber and leather. The process involves the cutting of multiple small parts cut out of wire, plate and tubing. The pieces are then assembled in a complex three-dimensional construction. Comfort and originality are at the heart of his creative process